Expert examiners

We work with around 28,500 academics, teachers, lecturers and subject experts to set and mark our exams. These education professionals share the same level of passion as we do for learning and assessment.

Our examiners, moderators, trainers, team leaders and senior examiners are crucial to the assessment process. Without them, we would have no results for our qualifications, and, given that we mark more than seven million exam scripts every year, this is no small task.

Our examiners and moderators are teachers or education professionals and we'd like to celebrate these passionate experts and demonstrate their wealth of expertise in teaching, examining and training.

Hear from our examiners

  • Watch our videos to find out more about our examiners and their history, roles and expertise, plus their take on the importance of assessment
  • Read what Felicity has to say about her role as an examiner in Living North magazine
  • Read Sarah Darragh's top tips to help students revise novels, plays and poetry for GCSE English Literature as published in the TES
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