Early entry rule

This rule applies to GCSEs, Level 1/2 certificates, BTECs and other GCSE equivalent qualifications. For the 2014 performance tables, this rule only applies to qualifications in EBacc subjects; from 2015 onwards, it will apply to all subjects which count in the performance tables.

The rule states that from September 2013, only a student's first entry in a particular subject counts towards the school's performance tables. And if a single award is taken early, then followed by a double award, only the single award will count in the performance measure. 

GCSE sciences: where a student sits Science A or Science B (core science) in Year 10, that student would need to do Additional Science for both to count – separate sciences taken subsequently will not count for performance measures. View the Raise Online early entry guidance for more information.

For students who already completed a GCSE before 29 September 2013, the performance tables will still record their best result from either their previous attempt or from the next time they sit that GCSE.

Non-GCSE qualifications approved for inclusion in the 2014 performance tables were subject to capping across performance measures. In general, DfE counted the best two non-GCSEs, and the capping methodology took into account the rest of the student’s qualifications in order to maximise their points.