Re-sits: outgoing GCSEs, AS and A-levels

Following its consultation from December 2015, Ofqual has confirmed its decisions on final re-sit entries to outgoing GCSEs, AS and A-levels.

AS and A-levels

Any student can re-sit any AS or A-level, as long as they've taken the exam before or have a good reason why they didn't take it originally (such as illness). The re-sits will be in the summer of the year after the final scheduled exam.


  • For mathematics (4360), the final re-sit opportunity is November 2016.
  • For English, English language, mathematics B (linear), and the linked pair maths GCSEs (Applications of Mathematics and Methods in Mathematics), students will have two re-sit opportunities. These will be in November 2016 and summer 2017, with the following conditions:
    • November 2016: Open to students who have taken the qualification previously, who have good reason not to have taken it when planned (such as illness), or who are aged 16 or above on 31 August in the year of the last scheduled sitting.
    • Summer 2017: Open to students who are 16 or above at the start of that academic year.
  • For GCSE science and additional science qualifications, students will have one re-sit opportunity which we will offer in January 2018.

For an overview of the changes, see the timelines on our Changes to GCSEs, AS and A-levels page. Or you can take a look at Ofqual's timings for last teaching, last exams and re-sits in legacy GCSEs, AS and A-levels.

Ofqual understand that there are likely to be some exceptions to these requirements, and schools and colleges should continue with their current entry patterns, such as students taking AS over two years. If you feel that you have students who'd be disadvantaged by Ofqual's expectations and would like some advice, please contact Customer Services.