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Who we're working with to develop the new qualifications.

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AQA and universities

AQA is working with all of the university mission and sector wide groups, including the Russell Group, learned societies, subject associations and schools and colleges to support the redevelopment of our A-levels.

Our aim is to:

  • improve the transition from A-level to university study
  • find out what universities value about our current A-levels
  • find out what improvements universities think we could make to our A-levels
  • enable universities and schools and colleges to understand each sector's needs for A-level
  • develop long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with universities.

By combining our expertise and influence we can ensure that students are better prepared for undergraduate study than currently and make a smoother transition.

AQA A-level higher education expert panels

To support the development of reformed A-levels we have established higher education expert panels to support our understanding of the needs of higher education in each subject and to ensure that we have inspiring, up to date content in our new qualifications.

We are working with a broad range of universities as well as learned societies, subject associations and other key stakeholders. Each expert panel reflects the breadth of the higher education community so that our A-levels are designed to support access to the widest possible range of universities and courses.

For more information please contact your subject team.