The future of assessment: 2025 and beyond

What should assessment look like in 2025?

The future of assessment: 2025 and beyond is a conversation to consider the big questions and issues that will shape how assessment evolves over the next decade and beyond. The project is a collaboration of UK and international experts including teachers, academics, employers and policymakers.

Since the project's launch in November 2013, we've gathered ideas and held three Policy Development Workshops around our key themes: balancing assessment and accountability, assessment for the real world, and 21st century assessment.

Our working group members 

We've gathered a working group of selected senior education experts who will help develop policies that the next government could implement, moving us towards the longer-term objectives detailed in our latest post below. 

Dr Ayesha Ahmed Dr Ayesha Ahmed, Research Associate, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge Dr Anton Beguin Dr Anton Beguin, Director of Research and Innovation, CERP/Director of the Measurement and Research Department, Cito (Netherlands)
Dr Newman Burdett Dr Newman Burdett, Head of Centre for International Comparisons, NFER Professor Prue Huddleston Professor Prue Huddleston, Emeritus Professor, University of Warwick
Brian Lightman, General Secretary, ASCL Brian Lightman, General Secretary, ASCL Tom Sherrington Tom Sherrington, Headteacher, Highbury Grove School, Islington


Our working group above have each contributed a chapter to our new publication: The Future of Assessment: 2025 and Beyond, which launched at a reception in Parliament in July 2015.

Please read their ideas below, and tell us what you think is important for the future of assessment on Twitter using our hashtag #assessment2025.

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