Review your school's performance

ERA allows you to take a snapshot of your school or college’s performance. Enabling you to view results according to qualification (for example A-level or GCSE), an individual examination, different classes and so much more.

Review your schools performance

Dig a little deeper

Find out the percentage of students who have achieved an A*-C overall, compared to previous years, similar centres or the AQA national average.



See how many students in your school/college got an A*-C in your subject.

See how many students achieved certain grades

Quotation Mark

ERA is a powerful tool that allows us to compare. As a department head, I use ERA to see how well our students have achieved in relation to other centres and the AQA national average. It’s also invaluable for the analysis report that we produce for the senior leadership team and governors.”

Melanie, Head of English

Grades overview -
two easy steps!

  • Access ‘Grades overview’ from the left-hand panel on the ERA start page.

  • For more detailed analysis, select:

    • ‘Entry code’ for the specific assessment taken

    • ‘Groups’ to show any specific groups you have created (see our ‘Group performance’ guide for more on creating groups).

Top tip

Quotation Mark

This feature is really useful, because the first thing I want to see on results day is the overall performance for my subject, in terms of the number of students receiving A*-C, A*-B, etc. and the performance of specific groups.”

Katie, Head of English

Did you know…?

ERA’s not just for results time: 50% of ERA usage occurs outside of the main results periods to help teachers plan, set targets, provide feedback to students and create reports.

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