Grade boundaries

The tables below list grade boundaries for each subject, component, module and unit for each exams series.

Grade boundaries are the scaled marks required to achieve grades. They are set by an awarding committee after the exams have been sat, to ensure that the quality of work required for a particular grade is consistent year to year. Although grade boundaries may change year on year to account for differences in the difficulty of the paper, the assessment criteria remain the same. 

The grade boundaries documents below are based on raw marks. Your results slip does not show raw marks – it shows UMS marks. If you need your raw mark, ask your teacher or exams officer, or you can look up your UMS grade boundary in our separate UMS grade boundaries PDF.

UMS marks will not be used in the reformed AS, A-level and GCSE exams for first teaching in September 2015.

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Spelling, punctuation and grammar

Since January 2013, Ofqual has required us to allocate separate marks for spelling, punctuation and grammar in GCSE English Literature, Geography, History and Religious Studies. This means the maximum raw mark for some units in these subjects is higher than in June 2012. As a result, the grade boundaries for these subjects may show similar increases as well as differences which reflect variations in the level of demand between papers. For details of the number of raw marks, please see the maximum scaled marks in the GCSE grade boundaries document below.

Support available for awarding grades

Being able to provide grades to students is often regarded as an important way to monitor performance and recognise achievement.

While the actual grade boundaries set by the awarding committee are, by necessity, subject to change, the assessment criteria will always remain the same. Teachers can rely on this, along with their experience of previous years' students and their professional judgement to mark students' work accordingly.

Grade boundaries archive

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