Enquiries about results

If you have any concerns about your students' marks, you can request an enquiry about results (EAR).

Exams officers can request all services through e-AQA, although it is important to note that you can only request a service once for any script and there are deadlines for making these requests.

Information about the EAR process and services is also available on JCQCIC Post-results services. You can read Ofqual's interim report about the EAR process for 2014 and the data that JCQ published.

What's available?

Clerical check (re-count)

This service is to make sure:

  • all pages have been marked
  • all the marks have been counted
  • the correct mark was uploaded on the results documents.

If you would like a copy of the checked script, please ask for this at the same time.

If we find any errors, we will check the rest of the class's scripts free of charge and let you know the outcome.

Priority review of marking (re-mark)

This service is for students whose university or other higher education places depend on the outcome. It is only available for AS and A-level units, FSMQ advanced units and Level 3 Certificate in Enterprise, Employability and Personal Finance units.

As for a normal re-mark, the script is re-marked and checked by a senior examiner, however, you will receive the outcome sooner.

The deadline for this service for the June 2015 exam series is Friday 21 August 2015, however, to make the UCAS deadline of Monday 31 August, we recommend that you submit your request by Friday 14 August 2015. If you have a place pending, please do not ask for a copy of the script first as you will miss the priority re-mark deadline.

If you would like a copy of the re-marked script, please ask for this at the same time.

Review of marking (re-mark)

When we review the marking, the script is re-marked and checked by a senior examiner.

If you would like a copy of the re-marked script, please ask for this at the same time.

If you are concerned about a whole class's marks, you only need to request re-marks for 10% of the class, with a minimum of 8 and maximum of 20. 

Extended reviews

When you request a review of a sample, we won't automatically re-mark the whole class's scripts. If, however, more than half your sample's re-marks resulted in a change of more than 5% of the maximum raw mark, you can ask us to 'extend' the re-mark to the rest of the class.

For example: if a paper is out of 60, 5% of 60 (the maximum raw mark) is 3. So, if more than half the marks in the sample changed by more than 3, you can ask us to re-mark the whole class's scripts.

If you want to ask for an 'extended' please email your concerns to AQAPostResults-M@aqa.org.uk

Grades and marks will not go down for the students in the extended review. We will only change grades and marks that go up. We will also not charge for re-marking these scripts, nor the 10% sample.

Review of moderation (re-moderation)

We will review the original moderation of your school/college marked assessments to make sure the assessment criteria were applied fairly, reliably and consistently.

Please note that work submitted for re-moderation must have been kept under secure conditions and not have been returned to students. 


You can request any of these services for practical components of Dance, Drama and Music, provided we have received a suitable audio or visual recording of the assessed performance.

You can also request any of these services for MFL speaking tests.


Submitting and monitoring requests

You can submit requests on e-AQA under 'Post-results services'. You can also monitor the status of each request and retrieve the outcomes under 'view requests'.

Please note that there are deadlines for requesting these services, which include guidelines for how long each service will take.

If you are an exams officer and can't access e-AQA, please email eos@aqa.org.uk 

Students' consent

Marks and grades can go down so it is important that you get students' consent before enquiring about their results. Please keep their written consent for at least six months after you have the outcome of the enquiry or any subsequent appeal.

You can find a consent form and more information in JCQ's Post-Results Services booklet.

Cancelling requests

You may be able to cancel a request if you have not yet had the outcome.

If you are withdrawing your request soon after making it, you may be able to do this on e-AQA. Go to 'Post-results' and select 'delete requests' and either cancel all or select specific students.

If it is no longer showing on e-AQA, please contact us.

Receiving your outcomes

We will email you to let you know when outcomes are available and for which students. You may receive more than one email from us and we will continue to email until all requests have been completed.

To see the outcomes on e-AQA, select 'Post results services' and 'view requests'. Here you can search for a student or service, or select 'all'. Click on 'completed' and you will be able to download and save or print the document.   

See outcomes for more information about what you will receive and what the document means.  

Private candidates

If you are a private candidate, please speak to the exams officer at the school or college where you took your exam or contact us.

Contact details

If you are unable to submit a request on e-AQA, please contact Customer Services on 0800 197 7162 (or +44 203 671 8010 from outside the UK) or email eos@aqa.org.uk


The outcome of an enquiry is presented as a letter and can be downloaded and saved or printed from e-AQA. Here you can see what you will receive and what the mark or grade changes, if any, mean.

Outcome letter

There are small differences between re-marking linear and modular based exams, which are explained below. The outcome letter is however very similar. In this example the Items in bold italics refer to modular only. 

 outcomes letter

Modular re-marks (including 100% terminal GCSEs)

  • You will receive a letter per unit reviewed for each student, eg if units 1 and 2 were reviewed, you will receive a separate letter for each.
  • If students have aggregated, we will re-aggregate their results when we have re-marked/checked all the units they requested. The outcome letters will show the new subject award grade. (Aggregation or 'cashing-in' is the sum of results in a modular course to produce a final subject grade.)
  • Your letter may show a new overall grade/UMS although the unit mark is the same. This is because the student had more than one unit reviewed and the other unit's mark (detailed in its own outcome letter) changed enough to alter the subject grade/UMS. This will not happen in linear re-marks.
  • The subject grade stays the same if the mark change was not enough to change the overall grade, even if module marks/grades change.

Linear re-marks

The different component marks may not equal the subject marks if they have been 'scaled' to achieve the correct weighting across the qualification, or if UMS has been applied.

Clerical checks

For both linear and modular, any changes from a clerical check (re-count) will be shown.

If an error is found, the rest of the class's scripts will be checked free of charge. We will also send the outcome letters to your school/college, with a summary of any changes for the students concerned.

Certificates and scripts

  • If you requested a copy of the reviewed script, this will be sent to you as soon as possible.
  • If a certificate needs to be amended, please return to our order, analytics and results (OARs) department:
    OARs, AQA, Devas Street, Manchester M15 6EX, UK.

Further information