Please check updates on exams administration and on e-AQA for messages about issues affecting multiple schools/colleges.

To contact us, please email Customer Services at or call 0800 197 7162 (or +44 203 671 8010 from outside the UK).

On results days

You can find out what's available on restricted release and results publications days and also when results data can be shared more widely.

For results day queries, we will deal with all enquiries as quickly as possible and prioritise those where a university place depends on the outcome or where we are responsible for the problem. Please contact us as quickly as possible to enable us to meet the strict deadlines.

Late awards

You can apply for late awards (does not apply for linear GCSEs) via electronic data interchange (EDI) or by completing the form on e-AQA Secure Key Materials (SKM).

Missing or incomplete results

For missing or incomplete results (or an X result for a student when you are not aware of a reason), exams officers can email us at or call 0800 197 7162 (or +44 203 671 8010 from outside the UK).

To help us resolve your query as quickly as possible, please provide the following information when contacting us:

  • your contact details - centre number and name, contact telephone number and email address
  • subject qualification - level eg A-level, GCSE, subject and component name and code
  • nature of enquiry and student details - missing or incomplete result, candidate name and number.

Please also attach copies of any mark/attendance lists or seating plans you may have to help us with your enquiry.

As soon as results are resolved, we will:

  • notify schools/colleges of the outcome
  • notify UCAS (as applicable)
  • update results on e-AQA.

EDI results files

Files containing Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI) numbers that don't match

To correct these you will need to edit the files by:

  • making a back-up first
  • modifying the UCI number in the file to match the UCI number on your system.

Files containing Unique Learner Number (ULN) errors

  • Make a note of the candidate details and the ULN number that is reported in the error message during the import.
  • Enter the ULN number against the candidate details in your Management Information System (MIS) and then re-import the results file.

Downloading results information from EDI to print out for your students

You can do this only on the day results are released. Many MIS packages allow schools/colleges to collate results files from all awarding bodies. This allows you to produce a single consolidated candidate statement of provisional results for each student.

Contact us

You can try our search engine to find answers to common queries you may have around results days. If you can't find what you are looking for, please email or call 0800 197 7162 (or +44 203 671 8010 from outside the UK).

For enquiries about results and access to scripts, please see post-results services.