Convert marks to UMS (uniform mark scale)

You can use the UMS converter to get the UMS value of a raw mark from any modular series

Converting raw marks to UMS marks

This converter is only for finding the UMS value of raw marks. Students using their UMS marks from their provisional results slips will not be able to accurately calculate their raw marks.

Modular exams

With modular exams, students can take modules in different exams series. Modules may vary slightly in difficulty, from one exam series to another.

For example, a mark of 45 in January 2010 may represent the same level of achievement as a mark of 48 in summer 2010. Raw marks are converted to UMS so that both 45 (from January) and 48 (from the summer) have the same value when contributing to an overall grade.

See What is UMS and the UMS booklet for a full explanation.


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