Results dates

Results are sent to schools and colleges electronically through e-AQA and A2C(EDI) on restricted release day. They are available to students and teachers on results day. In the table below you can see what results are available and when. 

When are results published?

Results are usually available to students from 6.00am on results days as shown in the table below. If you are a student, your school or college will let you know when to collect your results.

Exam series

Restricted release for exams office staff and heads of centre only

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • e-AQA
  • Enhanced Results Analysis (ERA)
Results day
  • Results slips released to students
  • Results available to all school staff on ERA.

June 2014 (6A14)

  • AS/A-level
  • AQA Baccalaureate
  • AQA Certificate (Level 3)
  • Functional Skills
  • FSMQ (Advanced, including pilot)
  • Level 3 Extended Project
  • VRQ

Wednesday 13 August 2014
from 12.01am, restricted release

Thursday 14 August 2014
from 6.00am

June 2014 (6G14)

  • GCSE
  • AQA Certificate (all levels except Level 3)
  • ELC
  • FCSE
  • FSMQ (Foundation and Higher)
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Projects

Wednesday 20 August 2014
from 12.01am, restricted release

Thursday 21 August 2014
from 6.00am