Dispatching scripts

We provide exam day and moderator labels so you can send your unmarked exam scripts to examiners and moderators, via the secure Parcelforce collection service or by first-class post.

Which label?

We provide the following exam day labels for returning scripts for marking:

  • yellow barcoded examiner address labels
  • white barcoded examiner address labels.

We provide the following moderator labels for sending assessments for moderation:

  • white non-barcoded moderator address labels. 

Please always check that you have used the correct labels and script envelopes so parcels aren't delayed.

Yellow labels

The Department for Education (DfE) provides the yellow label service for schools and colleges in England to send unmarked exam scripts to examiners securely via Parcelforce. 

This service is for:

  • exam scripts and excludes coursework/controlled assessment samples to the moderator (see white labels)
  • schools and colleges in England only. 

Most of our qualifications are included in the Yellow Label Service except for:

  • VRQ
  • Certificate for Preparation in Working Life

The DfE's guide to using the yellow label service contains helpful information including:

  • how the service works
  • qualifications included
  • replacement labels
  • booking collections
  • host centres and transferred candidates
  • missed collections
  • blank dispatch logs.

White labels

We provide white bar-coded labels when the qualification, component or your school/college are not eligible for the Yellow Label Service.

Moderator labels

These white non bar-coded labels are for sending coursework/controlled assessment samples to the moderator and are excluded from the DfE's secure parcels collections service.

Receiving labels

Exam day labels

We offer four options for receiving yellow and white barcoded address labels. We recommend option 1 as the information will be the most up to date.

  1. All labels to arrive by email 24 hours before the exam.
  2. Fixed address labels by courier in advance and exam day labels by email 24 hours before the exam.
  3. Fixed address labels by courier in advance and exam day labels by post up to the day of the exam.
  4. Fixed address labels by courier in advance and exam day labels by fax up to the day of the exam.

If you have chosen options 1 or 2, you will receive your dispatch logs with your labels 24 hours before the exam.

If you receive labels by email, we will send you blank sheets of white and/or yellow labels for printing on for the entire series. When printing address labels, please check the full width of the barcode is showing. We also provide dispatch logs with your examiner labels to help you keep track of your parcels.

You can order more blank label sheets using the additional stationery form available on our website.

Additional labels

We send enough labels for each examined component, based on your entries and the number of pages in the answer booklet. If you need more labels, please email eos@aqa.org.uk or call exams office support on 0844 209 6614 on the day of the exam. An additional label will be sent to you within 24 hours. Please do not photocopy existing labels as we cannot ensure delivery of parcels with the same barcode.

If you wish to change your label delivery option, please email eos@aqa.org.uk with your new details.

Labels for subjects with exams conducted in a scheduled period or window.

  • Labels will arrive by your chosen method of delivery during the window.
  • Please keep all scripts in secure storage until your label arrives.
  • We only chase non-dispatched scripts after the last day of the window.

Moderator labels

You will receive the labels by courier well in advance of the coursework/controlled assessment deadline date.

Sending scripts

Yellow labels

Please call 0844 561 7998 to book your yellow label collections. This is a dedicated exams helpdesk and they are unlikely to ask for a contract number.

Please see the DfE Yellow Label Service webpage for more information about preparing for and arranging collections, and for additional blank dispatch logs.

White labels

Please send all parcels with white labels by first-class post and retain a record of all items you have sent. Do not use delivery methods requiring a signature as this can delay delivery to the examiner or moderator.

Please also see our Instructions for submitting coursework/controlled assessment marks and samples.

Chasing exam scripts

We will contact schools and colleges when a collection label hasn't been scanned by either Parcelforce or us within two days after an exam date. We will email a request for feedback on the missing components and continue to do so until we receive the exam scripts, or you return the feedback form.

We extract the feedback forms at around 6pm and midnight, so your school/college may have components still listed as outstanding even though you have sent them.