Estimated grades

From 1 January 2015, we will no longer ask schools/colleges for estimated grades (sometimes referred to as forecast grades).

We are aware that collecting and submitting estimated grade data is a significant and time consuming task for both teachers and exams officers. With incomplete returns from schools/colleges we have been seeking alternatives so that no school/college or student is disadvantaged.

We now feel that we are at a point when we can rely on alternative data such as past and concurrent performance in the same or other correlated subjects.

From the January 2015 series onwards, we will not ask you for estimated grade information.

It is possible that if a rare suite of circumstances arise, we may ask you for similar evidence of expected performance for a student such as your tracking and monitoring data. This odd occasion does not merit us asking you for the estimated grade information for every student in every series.

Other awarding organisations may still be collecting estimated grades where they currently prefer to refer to that information.