Send scripts for marking

Instructions for exam officers about how to send us students' question papers after the exams.

If you're sending marks and samples for controlled assessment, see submit marks instead.

For each package of scripts, you'll need to:

  1. put the scripts and a copy of the attendance register in your dispatch sack
  2. print and attach the right address label to the package
  3. add a line to your dispatch log sheet (yellow label packages only)
  4. send your package for marking.

1. Put scripts in dispatch sack

Before the exam, we'll send you white AQA-branded 'S1' sacks for you to put your scripts in. They're sent in your stationery pack. If you need more, order extra stationery.

2. Attach address label

We'll send you:

  • printable label sheets, which have barcodes and the address of either the examiner who'll mark the scripts ("exam day" labels) or a sorting location ("fixed address" labels). We'll use your entries and the size of the answer booklets to make sure you get enough labels
  • white or yellow blank label sheets to print the labels on.

We'll send the printable labels by email 24 hours before the exam or close of the assessment window, to make sure the label information is up-to-date. For late entries, these may take a little longer. Email to confirm or change your delivery method.

When you print, make sure the whole barcode is showing.

You can order:

  • Replacement or extra labels through our order exam labels form – please don't photocopy labels or your parcels might get lost
  • Extra white or yellow blank label sheets through our order extra stationery form.

Yellow labels

Yellow labels are for parcels handled by DfE and Parcelforce Worldwide. Use them:

  • in England only
  • for exam scripts (not coursework or controlled assessment)
  • all qualifications (except AQA Certificate Level 3 Enterprise, Employability and Personal Finance).

White labels

White labels are used for anything not covered by yellow labels.

3. Add to the dispatch log sheet

For yellow label packages, you need to fill in a dispatch log sheet with one line for each package you're sending.

We'll send you dispatch log sheets by email in advance (usually 24 hours before the exam), but DfE's dispatch of exam scripts page has a blank dispatch log if you need one.

4. Send your package

Double-check you've used the right labels and dispatch sack, or your delivery might get delayed.

For yellow label packages, call 0844 561 7998 to book a collection. This is a dedicated Parcelforce number – they probably won't ask for a contract number. DfE's dispatch of exam scripts page has more information on the yellow label service, including exam scripts guide and checklists.

For white label packages, send your parcels by first class post and keep a record of what you've sent. Don't use a delivery method that needs a signature – this could delay the delivery.

What happens next

We'll only contact you if two days pass after the exam and we have no record of Parcelforce or us scanning one of your labels. We'll keep contacting you until you reply to us, or the exam scripts arrive. (It takes a little while for the system to update, so a component might still show as outstanding even if you've already got back to us.)

If you haven't heard anything three days after the exam, your packages arrived safely.