Original marked paper or recording (access to scripts)

You can request 'access to scripts' for an original marked exam paper or a recording to use for your teaching and learning.


The fees for the November 2017 to June 2018 series are:

  • exam paper: £11.30 per paper
  • MFL recording: £22.80 (teacher-led) or £34.25 (A-level visiting examiner), plus
    • MFL speaking test marking schedule or mark sheet: £4.65.

Request a marked paper

You can request an exam paper for:

  • AS and A-level
  • GCSE
  • AQA Certificates
  • FSMQ
  • Functional Skills.

Once you receive the original paper, its security is compromised. So don’t do this if you want to request a review or priority review of marking, a clerical check or an appeal.

Original papers aren't available for some externally assessed units, but you can request the candidate record form, audio recording or marking grid instead.

To request a marked paper:

  1. Log in to e-AQA and select ‘Post-results services’
  2. Select 'Access to scripts'
  3. Choose ‘original’ on the submission screen.

Request a languages speaking test recording

All requests for speaking test recordings should be made online. To meet data protection requirements, you need to get written permission from all students before you submit a request.

To request a speaking test recording:

  1. log in to e-AQA and select 'Post-results services'
  2. select 'Access to scripts'
  3. choose 'original' on the submission screen
  4. select all candidates.

Recordings are sent after the submission deadline for marking reviews. We’ll send a recording for languages speaking tests for all students, plus:

  • a speaking test marking schedule (STMS) for A-level French, German and Spanish
  • a detailed marking sheet (DMS) for GCSE Bengali, Modern Hebrew, Panjabi and Polish
  • an examiner speaking test review of marking report for all A-levels and GCSE Bengali, Modern Hebrew, Panjabi and Polish.

Recordings are only available for the whole group, not individual students.


You can make requests up to:

15 February 2018 for November 2017 series results.

How long it takes

You’ll receive the paper or recording by:

30 March 2018 for November 2017 series results.

What happens next

Original marked papers will be paper or electronic copies. They may arrive in several batches, and we send them after the deadline for enquiries about results.

If there's a problem with the copies you receive, let us know within two weeks – we may not be able to help you after that.

If you want to cancel a request for an original marked paper (because you want to request a review of marking or clerical check or appeal), let us know immediately. There might still be time for us to cancel sending the original marked paper.