Past results and lost certificates

If you no longer hold your original certificate(s) or if you need us to confirm your results to a university or employer, you need to make an application by following the steps below, how to make an application.

The fee for this service is £37 and is non-refundable. It takes up to 28 working days to process your application. We do not offer a fast track service and all applications are processed in strict date order. We receive a high volume of applications and we advise you to apply at least six weeks in advance of the date that you need your results.

We do not hold past exam results for all of the exam boards. If you are not sure which exam board you took your exams with, you could contact the school or college where you took your exams or contact an old school friend to ask if they still have their original certificates, which will show the name of the exam board. For more information please see our who holds your records pages.

We are unable to provide results over the telephone or via email due to the Data Protection Act and security reasons.

How to make an application

  1. Choose and download the document you need from the table below
  2. complete all sections of the application form using the guidance notes
  3. provide a copy of all the relevant and correct identification (ID)
  4. send the correct payment (see section 5 of the application form - Payment)

Send your completed application form and all relevant documentation to:

AQA Records, Devas Street, Manchester, M15 6EX or you can attach them to an email, to 

Choose the document

Type of document

When you would use this

What you need


Certified statement of results

You have lost your original certificate.

Application form for general qualifications

Guidance notes for application and how to complete the form

£37 per application form (non-refundable)

Replacement certificate

Your certificate has been:

  • damaged - please return your original damaged certificate with a covering note and a copy of appropriate ID
  • stolen - please provide the crime number
  • destroyed (eg through fire or flood) - please provide a copy of insurance document.

Application form for general qualifications

Guidance notes for application and how to complete the form

£37 per application form (non-refundable)

Replacement certificate for Access to HE course

You have lost your original Access to Higher Education Certificate.

Application form for Access to HE

£37 per application form (non-refundable)

Confirmation of results letter to a third party

You need us to send a letter confirming your results directly to a third party (eg university or employers).

Application form for general qualification

Guidance notes for application and how to complete the form

£37 per application form (non-refundable)

Amendment to personal details on original certificate

Your personal information (eg name or date of birth) is incorrect on your certificate.

We can only amend personal details based on your birth certificate (this excludes transgender cases).

Please note: we are unable to amend name changes made by deed poll after the closing date for entries in the year the exam is taken. For further information please refer to (this excludes transgender cases).

Your original certificate - please return it to us with a covering letter specifying the amendments needed and a copy of your birth certificate.

You do not have to complete an application form. Please refer to the guidance notes, paragraph 2.

£37 per application (non-refundable)
VerificationsWe provide a verification service for certificates issued by our predecessor boards to a third party (eg employers and the British Council).Apply by email to quoting 'Verification' in the subject box. £37 per application (non-refundable)

Complete the application form

Please complete the application form as clearly and accurately as possible using the Guidance Notes. You need to provide us with the following information:

Provide Identification

Please provide the relevant ID. Please refer to Section 7 of the guidance notes - Proof of identity.

How to make payment

We are unable to process your application until we receive the £37 payment fee. Please note that the fee is non-refundable. Please refer to section 5 of the guidance notes - Payment.

Checklist - before sending your application

To prevent any delays in the processing of your application, please use the checklist (section 9 on the application form and in the guidance notes).