A-level science: cross board messaging on the Practical Endorsement

Thursday 27 Jul 2017

A-level science: cross board messaging on the Practical Endorsement

The organisation of the monitoring visits for the Practical Endorsement will change from September 2017.

Exam boards are planning to use information about school/college entries for the reformed A-levels in biology, chemistry and physics from the summer 2017 series to jointly plan monitoring visits for the September 2017 to May 2019 cycle.

The messaging is outlined in a joint statement by all four awarding organisations.

Key points

  • Schools/colleges will be monitored for a different science than was monitored in the first cycle. Large schools/colleges with more than 140 entries for any one of the sciences will continue to be monitored for biology, chemistry and physics.
  • Schools/colleges do not need to register details with JCQ at any point for this monitoring cycle.
  • Lead Teachers are not required to be the same person as previously notified to JCQ or the exam board, and there is no need to notify JCQ or the exam board of any such staffing change.
  • It is still a requirement that Lead Teachers for each subject should have undertaken the training provided by their exam board. Free online practical endorsement training is available from AQA.
  • There is no requirement for schools/colleges to retain student records or school/college records after completion of the course.
  • Any new school/college starting to deliver one of the sciences at A-level should notify the exam board so that a monitoring visit can be scheduled during the teaching of the first cohort.
  • Exam boards will use entry data from summer 2017 to make contact with schools/colleges they believe to be following their specification in the subject to be visited. Should a school/college have switched exam boards, they should notify the monitor when they make contact.

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