A-level Business: Feedback on the Examinations

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All teachers of A-level Business.


This AQA training event will provide feedback on the examination papers from the first A-level exams for the new specification. Our trainer will use exemplar work to give you feedback on student performance and highlight common areas in which students did well and less well. This training is offered as a two hour live online session and full-day face to face training.

Location Reference Date
Manchester BUSXAC101E 9 October 2017 Check details
Online BUSXAW201E 11 October 2017 Check details
York BUSXAC102E 16 October 2017 Check details
Online BUSXAW202E 18 October 2017 Check details
London BUSXAC103E 6 November 2017 Check details
Online BUSXAW203E 8 November 2017 Check details
Bristol BUSXAC104E 16 November 2017 Check details
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More information

  • provide feedback on the summer 2017 examinations for the new A-level specification

  • provide an assessment of student answers at different levels

  • discuss how students can better meet assessment objective requirements in their answers and offer strategies that may improve student performance

  • look at implications for teaching and learning