Exampro: mock analysis for GCSE English Language (8700)

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Upload your mock results to Exampro to get an analysis of your students’ results, compared to other schools and colleges.

The new portal is similar to Enhanced Results Analysis (ERA), but for mock papers.

This analysis also helps you track students’ progress and identify any skills gaps. This makes planning for the spring term and preparing for first assessment this summer easier.

The Exampro portal is open until Easter 2017, though we’d expect most schools to use these papers for mock exams by the end of January 2017.

It’s available to all schools and colleges, including international centres.

How it works

Mock papers should be internally marked by your school or college. Once you’ve got your login, your data manager can upload your students’ marks.

You’ll get an instant analysis, which includes:

  • your class mean score
  • assessment objective (AO) performance
  • performance by student and question.

You’ll also receive comparative analysis. This includes students’ performance at question, AO and whole paper level, compared with the average performance of all students who sit these papers and the rank order of your students.

Available papers

At the moment, this service is only available for the mock papers included in the ‘Specimen assessment materials 4’ for English Language (8700).

There are two papers in total. Each student should sit both papers and all of the marks should be uploaded to the Exampro portal.

The mock papers and mark schemes will only be available through Secure Key Materials (SKM), check our guide on how to find them.

Grading and results

Instead of grading these exams 9 to 1, we’ll tell you where your students are compared to everyone else sitting this set of AQA mock exams.

These results are designed to help you understand how your students are progressing on the GCSE course and identify where their strengths and weaknesses are. They are not a guarantee of performance standard in the live exams in summer 2017.

How your school can take part

  1. Set dates for your mock exams, download and use our secure mock exam papers.
  2. Register your details to get an Exampro login (please allow up to five working days for your registration to process). There should only be one registration for GCSE English Language (8700) per school.
  3. Upload your students’ results.
  4. Analyse your students’ results and plan for the term ahead.

There’s more detail about this process in our step-by-step guide.

Keeping papers confidential

To ensure the reliability of the mock exam analysis, it's crucial to treat these papers with the same confidentiality you would with live question papers.

This means you should:

  • keep the papers secure and locked away
  • only distribute papers to your students under exam conditions
  • collect all papers at the end of the exam.

If these papers are shared on social media, it could compromise the validity of students’ results and the analysis of the individual school’s performance.

Help and support

Email us at english-gcse@aqa.org.uk for subject related questions or call us on 01619 537 504.