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Introducing our new specifications

For those of you who haven't seen a previous AQA webinar, it's a simple and interactive presentation that you can view in your web browser.

AS and A-level English Language

This session is a great introduction to our new AS and A-level English Language specifications, looking at how we've designed them to work for you and your students. We focus on AQA's exciting approach to the study of AS and A-level English Language, and the content and assessment structure of our new AS and A-level specifications.

Watch the webinar

Your questions answered

Below are the answers to the questions asked during the webinar. If you have any other questions, you can tweet us at any time @Teachyourway using #AQALang. 

You might also be interested in our webinar Co-teaching AS and A-level English Language, which goes into more detail about your options for teaching your AS and A-level students together.

 Q: You now have two years to address A level, which as you say is similar, but previously you would have covered the AS content also...  Why are students being asked to address less? 

A: Students are not being asked to address less in the new A-level than in the current A-level. The DfE have made some slight amendments to the subject content which all exam boards must adhere to. Depending on which A-level English Language specification you currently teach, you will notice some differences in the content structure. In response to all the feedback we received from teachers and universities, we have combined the best aspects of both the current specifications, maintaining the data-focus of the B specification whilst also including the discourse analysis and more theoretical aspects of the A specification. With one specification we can focus on providing excellence, both in terms of the specification and the support we offer.

Q: Will there be more sample exam answers to the other questions on all the papers?

A: Sample student responses will be provided for all the questions in the AS and A-level specimen papers. Responses are already available for all the questions in the A-level Paper 1 and Paper 2, and the AS responses will be available soon.