Unit 1 - Portfolio of Work

The content of the portfolio will be determined by the particular requirements of the course of study undertaken. Subject Advisers will be available to provide guidance to centres. There is no restriction on the scale of work produced.

Candidates may submit in their portfolio

  • For the Full Course and Short Course; a selection of thoughtfully presented work that demonstrates the breadth and depth of the course of study.
  • For the Full Course; more than one extended collection of work, or project which demonstrate an ability to sustain work from initial starting points or project briefs to the realisation of intentions and include evidence of research, the development of ideas and meaningful links with critical/contextual sources. For the Short Course; candidates are expected to include one extended collection of work or project in their portfolio submission.
  • Explicit evidence of the relationship between process and outcome presented in such forms as sketchbooks, visual diaries, design sheets, design proposals, preparatory studies, annotated sheets and experimentation with materials, working methods and techniques.
  • Models, maquettes, prototypes, sculptures, ceramic forms and photographic records of such outcomes as transient constructions, and site specific installations.
  • Examples of video, film, animations, CD ROMs and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Critical and contextual work that could include visual and annotated journals, reviews, reflections and evaluations, documentation of a visit to a museum/gallery or experience of working with an artist in residence or in other work-related contexts.
  • Evidence of any collaborative work and their specific role in this activity.

Levels of Control

Levels of control for the portfolio are defined for the following three stages of assessment:

Task Setting

Tasks or projects for inclusion in the portfolio will be provided by the teacher or may be developed from a candidate's personal starting point. AQA has provided exemplar tasks to accompany this specification which are intended to offer guidance for teachers and give examples of assignments which could be developed for inclusion in the candidate's portfolio.

Task Taking

Candidate's work for the portfolio should be carried out under informal supervision, that is, under a sufficient level of supervision to ensure that the contribution of candidates can be recorded accurately, that work can be authenticated and that plagiarism does not take place. Research to help develop ideas may be completed with limited supervision. Teachers must be able to authenticate each candidate's whole work with confidence.

Task Marking

Candidates should carefully select, organise and present materials which exemplify work carried out during their course of study. They need to ensure that they provide evidence of meeting all four assessment objectives. For the Full Course, it is recommended that the total portfolio submission will comprise approximately 45 hours of work. All the work submitted for this unit will be marked as a whole. Work will be marked by the centre and moderated by AQA. Centre marks must be submitted by the specified deadline (more information on this process is given in Sections 6 and 7).