Business Subjects and Economics (4130)

This is our current GCSE specification.
For our new draft specifications see:

GCSE Business (8132)

GCSE Economics (8136)

We are not planning to develop new GCSE Business and Communication Systems or GCSE Applied Business Studies (Double Award) qualifications under government changes to GCSEs.

The last exams for students taking the current qualifications will be in the June 2018 series and there will be no further re-sit opportunity.

Find out more about these GCSE changes and which qualifications we are planning to offer in the future. You can also contact the customer support team on the details shown below.

The GCSE Business Subjects and Economics suite is composed of six separate qualifications that can be achieved. See our specification at a glance page for a detailed view of the units required for each course.

The courses covered by the specification will develop students' ability to recall, select, communicate and apply their knowledge and understanding of concepts, issues and terminology in a variety of contexts. Through planning and carrying out investigations and tasks they will develop the skills to analyse and evaluate evidence by making reasoned judgements and presenting appropriate conclusions.

The 14 units of this specification are made up of written and practical exams and controlled assessment tasks. There are no prior learning requirements for students wishing to take this specification.

Personal economics for PSHE courses

The short course in Personal Economics has been developed to help centres meet the PSHE requirements for Economic Wellbeing and Financial Capability. Our PSHE leaflet explains more.


Last exams in June 2018. There will be no re-sit opportunity.

Codes and references

Qualification type GCSE
Specification title Business Subjects and Economics
Specification code 4130
Certification code 4136 Applied Business Double
4133 Business Studies Full
4131 Business Studies Short
4134 Business and Communications Full
4135 Economics Full
4132 Economics Short
QAN codes 500/4423/0 Applied Business Double

500/4508/8 Business Studies Full

500/4416/3 Business Studies Short

500/4422/9 Business and Communications Full

500/4417/5 Economics Full

500/4468/0 Economics Short

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