Examination dates

The  Unit 9 (413009) computer-based examination must be conducted between Monday 2 May and Friday 6 May 2016.

Teachers' notes and files

The Teachers' notes and files for Unit 9 (413009) will no longer be sent out in hard copy to centres. They will be available via e-AQA for exams officers to download 10 weeks prior to the examination.

Controlled assessment task

  • AQA GCSE 4130 Business Studies Full Course
  • AQA GCSE 4131 Business Studies Short Course
  • Unit 413003 – Investigating Businesses
  • Unit 413014 – Investigating Small Businesses

Since September 2012, GCSE Business Studies has been taught as a linear subject. In response to requests from teachers and in order to assist in your planning, the Controlled Assessment Task and Teachers' notes for 413003 and 413014 for the June 2017 examination will be published on e-AQA on 1 September 2015, and 1 September in following years.

Controlled assessment administration

Students' work must be marked according to the assessment criteria set out. Teachers should keep records of their assessments during the course in a format which facilitates the complete and accurate submission of the final overall assessments at the end of the course on the candidate record forms.

For each controlled assessment unit, a mark for each student must be submitted to AQA by the date specified in the year in which the unit is to be awarded. Centres will be informed which student's work is required in the samples to be submitted to the moderator.

A centre declaration sheet should be sent with the marks to the moderator, to authenticate students' internally-assessed work and confirm internal standardisation of marking.

The centre must retain the work of students, with candidate record forms attached, under secure conditions, from the time it is assessed until the day after the deadline for enquiries about results, to allow for the possibility of an enquiry upon results.

The work may be returned to students after the issue of results provided that no enquiry upon results is to be made, which will include re-moderation of the work in the controlled assessment unit(s).

If an enquiry upon results is to be made, the work must remain under secure conditions until requested by AQA.

Controlled assessment advisers

AQA appoints controlled assessment advisers to assist teachers with any matters relating to the portfolio units. Please contact us for the details of your adviser.

Lost or damaged work

If work is lost or damaged, AQA should be notified immediately of the date of the loss, how it occurred, and who was responsible for the loss. Applications for special consideration in respect of lost/damaged work must be made through e-AQA. We are no longer able to accept the JCQ Notification of Lost Centre Assessed Work form (JCQ/LCW Form 15).

Access arrangements

We can make arrangements so that students with special needs can access the assessment. These arrangements must be made before the examination. For example, we can produce a Braille paper for a student with a visual impairment.

Special consideration

We can give special consideration to students who have had a temporary illness, injury or indisposition at the time of the examination. Where we do this, it is given after the examination. Applications for access arrangements should be submitted to AQA by the Examinations Officer at the centre.

Private candidates

This specification is available to private candidates. Private candidates entering for this specification should view the Private Candidates page. Arrangements must be agreed with AQA for the assessment and authentication of controlled assessment.

Business subjects customer support team

For all other enquiries, please contact the Business Subjects customer support team via:

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Record forms

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