Communication and Culture (2625)

We are not planning to develop a new A-level Communication and Culture qualification under government changes to A-levels.

The last exams for students taking the current qualification will be in the June 2018 series, with a final re-sit opportunity in June 2019.

You may like to consider our new AS and A-levels as an alternative. For example, AS and A-level Sociology available for teaching from September 2015, or AS and A-level Media Studies which we plan to redevelop for teaching in September 2017.

Find out more about these changes and which qualifications we are planning to offer in the future. You can also contact the customer support team on the details shown below. 

A-level Communication and Culture 2625 replaces Communication Studies. Now there is an emphasis on the cultural aspects of communication whilst retaining a strong continuity between the two specifications.

Students investigate their own cultural environment and then consider forms of communication and interpretation within and between cultures.

This specification also includes:

  • strong contemporary orientation
  • transferable academic, work-related and personal development skills
  • creative and stimulating case study work
  • opportunities for independent and autonomous study as well as teacher-led case studies.

This specification is particularly suitable for 16-18 year olds and provides them with many opportunities to relate their own life experiences to contemporary academic debates. It is also excellent preparation for further study.


The last January exams for AS and A2 were in January 2013.
The exams are now only in June due to Changes to A-levels.

Codes and references

Qualification type A-level
Specification title Communication and Culture
Specification code 2625
Certification code 1626 AS
2626 A2
QAN codes 5002243X

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