Specification at a glance

This specification has one tier of assessment, with a single paper that covers all of the grades A*–G.

For assessments and subject awards for this specification there is a requirement that 100% of the assessment is terminal.

Computer Science (4512)
Component 1 – Practical programming
Approximately 50 hours of controlled assessment

(2 tasks of 25 hours each)

60% of the marks

126 marks (63 marks for each task)

180 UMS

Internally assessed, externally moderated.

Different tasks will be provided by AQA each year.

Each student should complete two tasks from a choice of four.

Working independently students demonstrate their ability to code a solution to a given problem. The tasks will be set in engaging and relevant contexts, eg gaming, web, mobile phone applications.

Tasks may be completed and submitted on paper or electronically (saved to CD and posted to the moderator).


Component 2 – Computing fundamentals

1 hour 30 minutes

40% of the marks

84 marks

120 UMS

Externally assessed. Schools/colleges can choose to enter students for either a paper-based or on-screen version.

All questions will be compulsory and will be taken from across the subject content.

This component will include a range of types of questions from very short to extended answer.