Advisers and moderators

We tell schools and colleges who their Coursework Adviser is at the standardisation meetings. Coursework Advisers are subject experts and the best person to contact with questions about coursework. If you don't know who your adviser is, please email

Your moderator is there to carry out, and bring into line, marking of live or recorded performances to the AQA standard. AQA allocates a moderator to your school and the moderator contacts you to arrange the date and time of their visit. The visiting period runs from the beginning of February to the end of May each year. Please email or call 01483 477 885 if you want to speak to someone about the allocation and find out who your moderator is.


When teachers mark coursework, they must all mark in the same way. The standard is set in a process called teacher standardisation.

We work with you to bring your marks in line with the standard. A-level Dance face-to-face teacher standardisation meetings are held in various locations around the country, although we are phasing them out in favour of online standardisation.

Visit our Professional development page to find current teacher standardisation meetings.

If you are a new centre and you haven't received information about standardisation, please email or call 0800 197 7162.

Deadlines, extensions and missing coursework

The coursework deadline for summer series each year is:

  • DANC2: 31 May.

If coursework is missing for any reason (loss, theft or damage), you must let us know as soon as you are aware. You should make request for special consideration. Your exams officer can make it on-line through e-AQA, after the deadline for submitting marks. This service goes live on the e-AQA webpage in the last week in April each year.


We provide the examination arrangements guidance and FAQs on coursework to help you to prepare your students. You can find them on our Teaching and learning resources page.

Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria are also available. Make sure you are working to the latest version of the grade boundaries as they change from year to year.

Coursework tasks

Questions for DANC2 are set and pre-released by AQA in the November preceding the examination, and the candidate selects one for study.

Questions about coursework in A-level Dance

Your adviser can help you with any specific queries or issues you have with coursework in A-level Dance. They can only give advice about DANC2.

Marking, predicting grades and return of coursework

Submit your students' marks by completing a Candidate Record Forms for DANC2. Fill out the Centre Mark Form (CMF), send the pink copy to the moderator, keep the yellow copy at the school and send the white copy back to us at AQA. The address to return the form to AQA is on the form. If marks are submitted electronically through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), please send an EDI printout to the moderator  in replacement of the CMF pink. Follow the procedures outlined in our guidance Practical units - examination arrangements.

Your marks may be adjusted up or down if the moderator does not consider you to be marking in line with AQA standards. If you are not happy with the mark, check the appeals process.

If you would like to apply for re-moderation, please check the re-moderation process.

Predicting your students' grades is easy with the Uniform Mark Scale (UMS) converter, which is a helpful tool for converting marks from exams taken in different exam sessions.

DANC2 recordings, if taken away by the moderator, are normally returned by the moderator or by AQA if they have been retained for standardisation or awarding purposes. However, if you have any queries relating to the return of the coursework work, contact us by email at

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Record forms

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