Unit 1: Critical appreciation of dance – written examination, externally assessed (20%)

Candidates should study a minimum of two of the prescribed professional works. 

  • Candidates will answer a short and concise written paper focusing on critical analysis and perceptive understanding of two professional works selected by the centre from the list above. Questions may also refer to the candidate's own performance and/or choreography. 

Key principles (see Section 3, Subject Content): 

  • describe, analyse, interpret and evaluate features of dance using appropriate terminology 
  • compare and contrast different choreographers, dance works, styles and cultural influences 
  • understand the relationship between choreography, performance and production including aural and physical settings, costume and dance for camera
  • understand the physical, aesthetic and artistic contexts of dance. 
Criteria for assessment 
  • accurate description, evaluation and analysis of the features of two professional dance works
  • accurate description, evaluation and analysis of action, dynamic, spatial and relationship content of the two chosen works 
  • ability to use appropriate dance terminology 
  • ability to reflect on own performance and choreographic work. 

Please note that candidates may NOT use both Christopher Bruce works for this unit.