Drama (4240)

This is our outgoing specification (last exams 2017).
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GCSE Drama (8261)

GCSE Drama 4240 helps students develop an understanding of many creative and challenging activities.

Candidates are free to choose any of the controlled assessment options offered in this specification, including:

  • devised thematic work
  • improvisation
  • physical theatre
  • set design
  • costume
  • make-up and masks
  • puppets
  • lighting and sound
  • stage management.

Assessment for the controlled assessment takes into account the student's contribution during the preparation period as well as their final performance or design. Teachers are also able to choose which texts they choose for study and they are able to take students to any live theatre production in preparation for the terminal written exam.

Studying Drama at Key Stage 3 is not a requirement for candidates who want to study this course. 

The content of this specification provides a smooth transition to A-level courses in Drama and Theatre Studies.

Related specifications

There is a choice of specifications for this subject. Please check with your teacher or exams officer if you are not sure which to select.


Amended due to Changes to GCSEs.

Codes and references

Qualification type GCSE
Specification title Drama
Specification code 4240
Certification code 4242
QAN codes 50045076

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