Welcome pack

AS and A-level English Language

AS and A-level English Language

Welcome to AQA English

Inspiration is the key to an exciting lesson. We’ve put together this pack to inspire and help you get the most out of our specifications. 

Use these resources alongside our CPD courses to discover all the ways we can help you be your favourite English teacher.

Resource guide

Our resource guide is short, easy-to-read and tells you who to contact in the English team if you have any questions. All our supporting resources can be found on our English Language specification page under Plan, Teach and Assess.

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Spring term wall planner

Download and print our wall planner to add your key dates and reminders, helping you plan for the term ahead. This unique timeline offers a holistic view of the term and includes handy reminders, tips on resources and key dates for regional hub school meetings.

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Inspirational teaching ideas

This printable pack is designed as a spring board to help you plan your lessons. It contains a quick sample of some of the activities you’ll find in our resources, you'll find more teaching ideas under our teaching resources.

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English e-Library

Discover our free English e-Library, bringing texts to life on-screen. The English e-Library can be used in the classroom or for students working on homework or revising.

AQA approved textbooks

Only books that carry the AQA approval badge have completed our 4-stage approval process. Find out more about AQA approved textbooks.

Help with exam changes

Take a look at the exam changes checklists and videos we've created to support you with teaching the new GCSEs and A-levels.