Controlled assessment

Help with controlled assessment of Functional English Level 1 and Level 2 for teachers: find your adviser, access standardisation online, information on deadlines and exemplar tasks.

Advisers and moderators

We tell schools and colleges who their controlled assessment adviser is in the autumn term. Controlled assessment advisers are subject experts, and the best person to contact with questions about controlled assessment. If you don't know who your adviser is, please email the subject team


Online standardisation is available through the Teacher Online Standardisation system (T-OLS) on e-AQA.

Deadlines, extensions and missing coursework

The controlled assessment deadlines for all exam series are:

November series

5 November

January series

10 January

March series

28 February

June series

15 May

These dates stay the same each year.

Extension requests must be sent to

Exemplar materials and marking

Exemplar materials and other resources to help you prepare your students for controlled assessment are available on T-OLS. Mark pieces of exemplar work, compare your mark to that of the Principal moderator, and read the rationale behind their mark. We publish these resources at during the autumn term.

Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria are available on T-OLS and they can also be found in the specification.

Controlled assessment tasks

Centres can choose and set their own tasks for this component. There are examples of tasks given in the specification and your adviser is available if you need any guidance or help.

Marking, predicting grades and return of controlled assessment

Submit your students' marks to AQA using the Centre Grade Form which will be sent to you before the submission deadline. You will also need to fill out a Candidate Record Form for the task but these should be kept under secure conditions at the centre.

Centres will receive routine advisory visits from an adviser once every three years. The adviser will advise on Speaking, Listening and Communication. The adviser will ask to see a range of candidate performances and centres should be prepared to show the Candidate Record Forms when required.

Additional visits may be triggered if there is any doubt about a centre's accuracy in oral assessment.

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Record forms

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