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Why AQA English GCSE?

Our GCSE specifications, English Literature and English Language, have been created by a group of trusted teachers, specialists and academics with the classroom always in mind. They are supported by a host of resources, including personal advisors and digital resource banks, to help you achieve more with your students.

  • our individual specifications offer a stimulating and engaging learning experience
  • our assessment is designed to suit everyone, allowing students of all abilities to succeed
  • English Literature and English Language are designed to work together, giving students the opportunity to develop a wider range of knowledge and skills.

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Our assessment is accessible and engaging for students of all abilities.

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KS4 resources and teaching packs – designed to support your GCSE teaching


Looking for a starter, lesson idea, worksheet or literacy activity? Teachit has a wealth of KS4 resources, activities, worksheets and interactive games - plus teaching packs with everything you need for a series of lessons.

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