English Language (4705)

This unit based, flexible specification is assessed through exams and controlled assessments. It covers the functional elements of English as well as creative writing and speaking and listening. Students must provide fresh, individual responses to each element.

This qualification counts towards the English Baccalaureate and the performance measures when studied with an accredited Level 1/Level 2 English Literature qualification. This includes the AQA GCSE English Literature and the AQA Level 1/2 Certificate in English Literature.

For certification until November 2013

Students can be entered for assessment when they are ready and can re-sit each unit.

The exam and controlled assessments are available in June and November. All units and marks from previous series can be used towards certification, subject to the 40 per cent terminal rule. Students must certificate in this series in November 2013.

For certification from June 2014

Students take all exams and assessments at the end of the course when they enter for the subject award. Assessments are available in June and November.

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