My favourite English teacher - video transcript

Woman mid 20s inside

"Thought provoking, enlightening…"

Woman in 20s in front of brick wall

"It made us feel free."

Man in 50s in suit

"Richness, intelligence…"

Woman 40s inside on sofa

"It was really magical."

Young woman in 20s in coat

"I loved English. I was genuinely inspired by my English teachers."

Woman in 20s in front of brick wall

"My favourite English teacher was Mr Keeley…"

Older man in shades

"He knew his limitations and he said to us as children, ‘Find yours – and if you haven’t got any, keep going!’."

Woman in 20s in front of brick wall

"He said the most completely ridiculous thing – ‘I think Falstaff is really hot. I think if any actor was to play him now it’d be Johnny Depp."

Man with goatee inside

"And you’d kind of have to go ‘hang on a minute, Sir, did you just say that?’."

Woman in 20s in front of brick wall

"He was just completely different."

Man in library

"During that particular syllabus when we were studying poetry, I think the thing I liked about it most was the hidden meanings, the layers."

Young girl, early teens outside

"I really like my English teacher at the moment because she really, like, treats us like adults. And, like, gets us involved."

Young woman in 20s in coat

"My English teacher was like ‘right, okay, you need to read these books because they’re right down your street’."

Middle aged woman with friend

"I remember her coming home from school and one of her A-level texts, saying ‘you have to read this, Mrs Bagshaw says it will knock your socks off!’."

Woman 40s, inside on sofa

"I mean, he was quite opinionated and outspoken about who he liked and who he didn’t like in terms of authors and writers."

Man with goatee

"He would appreciate good writing. He’d go ‘that’s very well written – it’s absolute rubbish, but it’s very well written!’."

Man in 30s in suit

"The opinion of my English teacher mattered more than any of my other teachers. It was just the fact that they felt engaged with me."

Teacher in bookshop

"It’s really important for me to be that inspirational teacher. I want them to learn and I want them to live it."