English Hub Schools network

Join other English teachers in your region to tackle challenges together

Our English hub schools are regional support networks that organise meetings giving you the chance to talk to other, local English teachers – whether you teach GCSE or AS and A-level.

Our networks meet in person each term to:

  • discuss ideas and any regional issues related to teaching English
  • share resources and experiences
  • connect with neighbouring schools and fellow English teachers.

Summer 2017 hub meetings

Book your place at our summer 2017 hub network meetings:

We understand the challenges you face every day. From changing schedules to exam pressures and the shift in assessment methods, we know that this year more than ever you need our support to help inspire and excite your students.

We want to support you in as relevant a way as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to help you network with other teachers who face the same daily challenges that you do, and who are based in the same area as you.

Update your region

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Previous meetings and resources

Spring 2017


This GCSE-based session focused on the transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4.

AS and A-level

These networking sessions focused on less familiar areas of the A-level English Language specification, as identified by your feedback.

Autumn 2016


These network meetings included discussions on independent learning, featuring items for both literature and language teachers.

AS and A-level

These sessions focused on the two A-level English Literature specifications, and the theme was independent learning.

You can find presentations and resources from earlier English hub school network meetings on Secure Key Materials (SKM) on e-AQA.

Professional development

We also offer a range of professional development and training courses to help you teach our specifications. See our current English courses