Our comprehensive suite of French qualifications aim to create a generation of confident communicators.

Our courses bring the French language to life as students apply their learning to real-world scenarios. There's also an opportunity to study the culture and history of France and French-speaking communities. 

Ranging from entry level to A-level, our language specifications offer a clear route of progression, building on grammar and topic content at each stage. Seamless progression within our suite can help encourage students to stay with their studies. Given employers' demand for language skills, this could mean higher employability for your students. 

GCSE language qualifications contribute towards the English Baccalaureate.

teachit-languages-logo-cmu-90French teaching resources, created by teachers for teachers; available at Teachit Languages.

French (4655) Examined from 2014
French Examined from June 2018
French (2650) Examined from 2014
AQA Certificate (IGCSE)
French (IGCSE) (8655) Examined from 2014
French (5964) Certification from 2013
French (5858) Certification from 2014