Controlled assessment

We want you to be confident in the quality of our marking and the measures we take to produce results. Let us guide you through the processes our examiners go through, before and after marking, to ensure results are reliable and fair. Read our Unit 4 controlled assessment writing page for more details.

We know from your feedback that controlled assessment remains an important issue for teachers and on this page we offer support and guidance to make controlled assessment as straightforward as possible.

Controlled assessments in GCSE Languages are a requirement of all awarding bodies as set out by Ofqual in the Subject Criteria.

A useful guidance document from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) is Instructions for conducting controlled assessments GCSE 2014-2015.

Example tasks and marked student examples are on the Past papers page. There are also some support documents on the Teaching and learning resources page.

Controlled assessment advisers

We are the only awarding body that has a team of controlled assessment advisers who are subject experts and the best people to contact with any questions you might have about putting together controlled assessment tasks. We let schools and colleges know who their controlled assessment adviser is in the autumn term. If you don't know who your adviser is, please email the subject team who will be happy to help. 

Controlled assessment deadlines

The deadline for submission of controlled assessment speaking and writing is 7 May each year.


For GCSE French Speaking, a Candidate Record Form (CRF) must be completed for every student and attached to their work.  Forms can be downloaded from the list at the bottom of this page.

Teachers must check all the CRFs and any related forms to ensure that:

  • the student and teacher declarations have been completed and signed
  • the marks are recorded accurately and clearly and the arithmetic is correct
  • the student's total unit/component mark on the CRF is identical with the mark recorded on the Centre Mark Form (CMF) or Electronic Data Input (EDI) file
  • any other required details (eg summative comments or explanatory notes, details of additional assistance) have been given in the spaces provided
  • if required, the student's work has been annotated.

The Instructions for submitting coursework/controlled assessment marks and samples (CAW/INST) booklet contains full details on how to submit controlled assessment marks and samples.


When teachers mark controlled assessment or coursework, they must all mark in the same way. The standard is set in a process called teacher standardisation.

We work with you to bring your marks in line with the standard. Face to face coursework meetings are held in various locations around the country, although we are phasing them out in favour of online standardisation.

Find out whether your subject materials are held online or if you'll need to attend a meeting. 

If you are a new school/college and you haven't received information about standardisation please email

Watch a video produced by a Principal Moderator for GCSE Languages to explain the principles of marking and application of assessment criteria.

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Record forms

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