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Why AQA Languages?

Languages are hugely rewarding in the classroom, enabling progression to further study or employment. At AQA we have a range of language specifications for GCSE and A-level, catering for students of all abilities.

  • we continually talk to teachers to ensure we give them the support they need
  • our qualifications have been designed with teachers’ input to ensure students are inspired by the subject
  • a full range of support is available, from  digital resources to extensive access to our dedicated team of subject experts 



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Our team

MathsAQA’s GCSE and A level specifications provide a broad understanding of the culture, countries and communities where modern languages are spoken and encourage enjoyment of language learning.

Our question papers are attractive to students and ensure that learners of all abilities have the opportunity to reach their potential. We offer a wide range of free resources to accompany our specifications.

Judith Rowland-Jones, Head of Languages