Use of Mathematics (5350)

The AS in Use of Maths is built upon AQA's Advanced Level Free-Standing Maths Qualifications (FSMQs). It is designed for post-16 students.

The qualification is constructed from three parts:

  • one compulsory core unit (Applying Mathematics) split into two exams:
    • UOM4/1, 1 hour exam, 30 per cent of assessment for this unit
    • UOM4/2, 1 hour 30 minutes exam, 70 per cent of assessment for this unit
  • one compulsory FSMQ:
    • Working with Algebraic and Graphical Techniques (6991), 50 per cent portfolio, 50 per cent exam
  • one additional FSMQ, one of the following:
    • Using and Applying Statistics (6990), 50 per cent portfolio, 50 per cent exam
    • Modelling with Calculus (6992), 50 per cent portfolio, 50 per cent exam
    • Using and Applying Decision Mathematics (6994), 50 per cent portfolio, 50 per cent exam.

All units are of equal weighting and are available for entry in the June series. Calculators are allowed in all exams. Exams for the FSMQs are 1 hour 30 minutes. Coursework portfolios are internally assessed by the school or college and externally moderated by AQA.

This specification is designed to encourage students to:

  • apply Mathematics to their studies, work or interests
  • develop mathematical modelling, communication and reasoning skills and the ability to solve substantial, realistic and open-ended problems
  • use ICT appropriately within Mathematics.

This specification enables students to engage with real-life Maths, preparing them for their futures. Students who study AS Use of Maths can use this course to complement their studies in other A-levels, for example: Business Studies, Economics and Engineering.

Related specifications

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Codes and references

Qualification type AS and A-level
Specification title Use of Mathematics
Specification code 5350
Certification code 5351 AS
QAN codes 10013301

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