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You asked us - October 2017

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What were the pass rates for GCSE resits in November 2016 and November 2017?

In November 2016, roughly 26% of students achieved Grade C or above in our previous specification – GCSE Mathematics (Linear) B (4365).

In November 2017, just over 33% of students got Grade 4 or above in our new 9 to 1 GCSE Maths specification (8300).

This doesn’t mean that it was easier to get a Grade 4 in November 2017 than it was to get a C in November 2016. It does mean that the November 2017 cohort had a slightly higher profile of prior attainment than the previous year.

Slight drop in entries

The pass rate percentages above are based on a total of 10,946 students entered with AQA in 2016 (1775 at Higher Tier and 9171 at Foundation Tier).

The total number of AQA entries in 2017 was 9764 (with 873 at Higher Tier and 8891 at Foundation Tier).

It’s interesting that the entry was slightly smaller for November 2017, even though our summer 2017 entry was greater than the previous year. This, along with the improved outcomes, may suggest that more schools and colleges are delaying resit entries until the summer for many of their students.