Our music specifications provide opportunities for students with diverse musical backgrounds to develop their knowledge and understanding of musical language through the study, creation and performance of a wide variety of music.

Both our GCSE and A-level specifications place significant weighting on practical skills. The options offered encourage students to perform and compose in styles which suit their taste and experience as well as the resources at their disposal, including music technology. They are able to build on the knowledge and skills they have gained through their experiences of music outside school. The flexibility is there for teaching to be tailored to particular groups, individuals and circumstances. 

Participation in music is widely recognised as enhancing personal qualities such as self-confidence, communication skills and the ability to analyse and evaluate. Our specifications prepare students for a variety of pathways. They offer a sound academic foundation for those wishing to pursue music in higher education, as well as the skills and knowledge to support music-related careers and the understanding to open up a life-long enjoyment of music as a listener or performer at any level.

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Music (2270) Examined from 2014