EPQ Blog - July 2015

Friday 17 Jul 2015

Hello once again everyone,

It’s been nearly two weeks since we re-launched the Project Qualifications and the response that we’ve had to them has been overwhelmingly positive.

So far 948 people have downloaded the new EPQ specification and 1,543 of you have taken a look at our new production log. The Projects team here in Manchester have been calling schools around the clock to make sure that you all know about the changes. We’ve been pretty pleased to hear about what a big difference the new production log in particular is going to make to your students and supervisors.

I’ve also been working on some new resources that should really help you come September. I’m really pleased to add these new Quick Guides to our teaching and learning resources.

First of all, we receive many queries every year from teachers wondering how they can better support students who wish to complete practical science projects, so I’ve produced a Quick guide to practical science projects.

Another grey area for many teachers has always been whether or not it is appropriate for students to work to a brief or make use of such programmes as the CREST award and the Nuffield Bursary. You should find the Quick guide to working to a brief very useful if this is something that one of your students is considering.

Along similar lines we have also produced a Quick guide to working with a technical mentor that we think will prove very useful for students who wish to consult with a subject specialist as part of their research or who wish to use specialist lab equipment.

Finally we have the Quick guide to internal standardisation which is designed to exemplify best practise when it comes to ensuring that every supervisor in a centre is marking to the right standard. This is something that a number of schools have told us becomes more of an issue as their EPQ cohort increases.

These resources are also available on the Teaching and Learning Resources page for future reference.

I hope that you find these new resources helpful. If there is anything else that you would like to see in this section then please let me know. Also do keep your eyes peeled for the taught skills guidance that we’ll be posting in the new academic year.

Thank you for all of your excellent work on the projects this year. I hope that you manage to take a break while the schools are shut and I look forward to doing it all again next year.

Best wishes