Why choose this specification?

The  specification is distinctive in providing opportunities for the thematic studies of Religion and religious responses to fundamental questions of life, with reference to one or more of the six major world religions. By evaluating ethical issues, and expressing views using reasoned arguments, students can enhance their capacity and desire to make a positive contribution to debates and decisions in society.

This specification is accessible to candidates of any religious persuasion or none.

Religious Studies B encourages candidates to:

  • develop their interest in, and enthusiasm for, a study of Religion and its relation to the wider world
  • develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of Religion by exploring the significance, impact of beliefs, teachings, sources, practices, ways of life and forms of expressing meaning
  • express their personal responses and informed insights on fundamental questions about identity, belonging, meaning, purpose, truth, values and commitments.

A wide choice of topics is offered, allowing for study of the relevance of Religion to issues of morality, questions of meaning, lifestyle and choices,  with reference to Christianity and or one or more of the other major world religions. In particular, it provides opportunity for cross-curricular work in tracing the links between Religion and Citizenship and Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE).

The Scheme of Assessment offers flexibility - it is unitised and there are Short Course and Full Course options. There is no controlled assessment; the assessment comprises 100 per cent external (written) papers.


AQA's GCSE Religious Studies B lays a solid foundation for further study of Religious Studies at A Level and related A Level subjects including Philosophy, History, History of Art, Government and Politics, Sociology and English Literature.

No prior learning or level of attainment is necessary for candidates to undertake a course of study based on this Religious Studies specification.