Applied Science (8770)

This specification has been extended to summer 2016 for AS units and 2017 for A2 units. See our update on the Extension to A-level Applied Science specification.

A-level Applied Science offers students the chance to concentrate on some of the vocational aspects of Science. As well as being ideal for students seeking a broad background in Science, it also suits those entering this vocational area for the first time. 

This specification covers a range of Science topics including the following:

  • Sports Science
  • the role of the pathology service and ecology
  • conservation and recycling.

It also provides the opportunity for a variety of qualifications to be taken, for example an Advanced Subsidiary A-level or a double award depending on the modules studied.

A-level Applied Science is a good choice for students considering higher education in any Science-based course, including: Biochemical Sciences, Chemistry, Food Technology, Human Physiology, Nursing, Sports Science, Materials Science, and Medical Physics.