Biology (IGCSE) (8401)

The AQA Level 1/2 Certificate in Biology is equivalent to a GCSE full course, taking 120-140 Guided Learning Hours.

It is a topic-based specification designed to stimulate students' enthusiasm for biology and scientific enquiry. Topics include:

  • cell structure
  • human biology
  • defending ourselves against infectious disease
  • variation and inheritance.

Assessment is linear, with students taking two 90-minute written papers, each worth 50% of the marks. There is no controlled assessment.

The specification qualifies for Section 96 funding, and will be included in the Key Stage 4 Performance Tables from 2016.

There are no previous learning requirements for this course, but it is particularly suitable for students who want to go on to study biology at A-level.

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Codes and references

Qualification type AQA Certificate (IGCSE)
Specification title Biology (IGCSE)
Specification code 8401
QAN codes 60040245
Guided Learning Hours 120-140

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