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Why AQA AS and A-level Science?

Our science AS and A-levels build on the concepts and skills developed at GCSE to help nurture students' passion for science and pave the way for further study and careers in science. 

We want every teacher to feel inspired to engage and develop their students’ passion for science. We do this by: 

  • listening to teachers to ensure we give them the right support and resources they need 
  • developing our qualifications by working with teachers and higher education 
  • making our AS and A-level fully co-teachable so you can teach a mixed class of AS and year one 
    A-level students, keeping the option open for students to progress.

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I like the idea that there should be a set piece of practical work that the students carry out during the course.

Dr Graeme Poole,
Director of Science, Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, Canterbury

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