A-level Science update for 2015/2016 ISAs

Thursday 10 Mar 2016

A-level Biology update for 2015/2016 ISAs: task sheet release instructions clarified in line with the ISA/EMPA timeline, e-Submission of marks.

Specification version 1.6 is available

Friday 2 Oct 2015

Version 1.6 of the A-level Biology specification is now available. This covers the production of common ISAs and EMPAs for A-level Biology and/or A-level Human Biology.

A-level science ISA and EMPA timelines for 2015/2016

Monday 31 Aug 2015

See our updated ISA/EMPA timelines for 2015/2016.

Common ISAs and EMPAs for A-level Biology and A-level Human Biology in 2016

Thursday 27 Aug 2015

Common ISAs and EMPAs for A-level Biology and A-level Human Biology in 2016

Changes to AS and A-level Biology for first teaching in September 2015

Friday 20 Jun 2014

Ofqual and the DfE have made changes to AS and A-level Biology, which will be introduced in September 2015.

Practical work in new A-Level sciences from September 2015

Monday 28 Apr 2014

Read a letter from Stella Paes, AQA's Head of Science, following Ofqual's announcement about science practicals, and see how we're using teachers' feedback to develop our new specifications.

A-level science practical assessments: changes from September 2013

Friday 6 Sep 2013

We have successfully negotiated with Ofqual to make changes to the way our A-level practical assessments are administered in schools and colleges. ISAs and EMPAs now have staggered release dates, shorter assessment windows in which they can be taken and the Teachers' Notes no longer have the questions, so the materials are more secure.

Improvements to A-level sciences practical assessments from September 2013

Monday 1 Jul 2013

We have written to teachers in charge of A-levels in Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry and Physics who have entered students for units in AQA A-levels in the last year. Read a copy of the letter that has been sent here.