Additional Applied Science (4505)

GCSE Additional Applied Science investigates Science and scientists at work in a number of scenarios. It is generally taken after GCSE Science A or B by students who want to specialise in a vocational approach.

Additional Applied Science integrates the study of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Coursework forms a larger part of the assessment – 60 per cent – compared with other science GCSEs where it is 25 per cent.

This course is particularly useful for students who want to go on to work-related learning and can equip them with some of the skills they might need in particular workplaces, further education or training. It forms part of AQA's flexible suite of GCSE Science qualifications designed to suit different methods of curriculum planning over two or three years. The flexibility also allows teachers to make sure that students are offered the best chance to make the most of their abilities.

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Amended due to Changes to GCSEs.

Codes and references

Qualification type GCSE
Specification title Additional Applied Science
Specification code 4505
QAN codes 6000759X

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