Why choose this specification?

GCSE Additional Science encourages students to develop skills through investigative work and builds a scientific understanding of the world.

It covers the same content as the Unit 2 modules of the GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses.

The specification encourages practical work and covers the 'How Science Works' aspects of the curriculum.

It can be used for the Science component of the English Baccalaureate if students achieve grades A* - C in both Science A and GCSE Additional Science. 

Teachers like:

  • the co-teaching options due to the overlaps with single Science subjects
  • the design allows subject experts to teach the areas relevant to their experience
  • encourages students' curiosity about Science in the world around them
  • develops skills in testing and proving scientific theories
  • involves hands-on fieldwork and practical work to engage students.

Students like:

  • the practical work
  • studying all three core Science subjects in one qualification
  • variety of topics
  • discovering how science is used in the workplace.

Knowledge/skills gained:

  • understanding of the effects of Science on society
  • knowledge of the material, physical and living worlds
  • how to use hypothesis and evidence to understand Science
  • observational, enquiry and problem-solving skills
  • skills in communication, maths and technology.


There are two routes, which are offered to suit different ways of planning the curriculum.

  • Route 1 could suit centres teaching Key Stage 4 over three years to prepare learners for separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Route 2 could enable centres to teach Biology, Chemistry and Physics concurrently throughout KS4 to learners preparing for two Science GCSEs.


  • access to specialist subject teams
  • training
  • support for controlled assessment
  • 24-hour support through our website and online with Ask AQA
  • past papers and mark schemes
  • a variety of resources for teachers and candidates
  • free Enhanced Results Analysis.

Follow-on study

Students wanting to take three science GCSEs should also take Further Additional Science.

For students wanting a further course of study with a more practical aspect, an alternative option would be GCSE Additional Applied Science.

Additional Science provides a firm foundation for students to progress to AS and A-level Science if taken following GCSE Science A or B.

Examination series

Students have to enter all the assessment units at the end of the course in June, at the same time as they enter for the subject award. If they wish to re-sit they must re-sit all of the written papers in the next series.

With the move to linear assessment, students may carry forward their controlled assessment unit result(s) following the initial moderation and aggregation during the lifetime of the specification.

Overlap with other qualifications

The Unit 2 content of each of GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics is covered in GCSE Additional Science.

Private candidates may take this qualification if they attend an AQA centre to have their controlled assessment supervised and marked. For more information, please see our Private candidates page.