Teaching and learning resources

low-achiever-icon-NEW6All students are different and in science some students find that there are some hurdles to their success. We believe that we can help support students' potential by offering a range of resources all in one location.

Our schemes of work have been created by experienced teachers and feature:

  • editable content
  • links to PowerPoint slides available to download
  • information on delivering the 'How Science Works' parts of the specification
  • guidance on peer and self-assessment in each lesson
  • suggested timings for each unit.

PDFs open in a new window.

Lesson planning

Teaching guidance

On-screen tests 

Leave the pen and paper behind: use our on-screen tests to assess your students electronically.

Interpreting your results

View our June 2015 webinar and FAQs on getting ready for summer 2015 results.