Controlled Assessment

View our Guidance on Controlled Assessment for step-by-step support on understanding what the Controlled Assessments involve. We've also included exemplar material showing marking and examiner commentary. To get to grips with the Controlled Assessments, this is a great place to start.

Choosing the right controlled assessment

It is important to choose a controlled assessment from a set that will be valid for moderation in the June series when you intend to certificate the course. For example, if you intend to complete the GCSE in June 2015, you must choose a controlled assessment that is valid for submission in May 2015. Controlled assessment tasks are only valid for submission in one series.

Set Exam series Submission deadline
Set C June 2014 7 May 2014
Set D June 2015 7 May 2015
Set E June 2016 7 May 2016
Set F June 2017 7 May 2017

Accessing controlled assessment tasks

We publish controlled assessment tasks on e-AQA. Teachers can download Teachers' and Candidates' Notes from the Secure Key Materials area of e-AQA, but only your examinations officer will be able to download the controlled assessment written papers.

Controlled Assessment Advisers

Each school has an allocated Controlled Assessment Adviser. Many are practicing teachers and moderators so they can give expert advice on the controlled assessments.

If you do not know who your Controlled Assessment Adviser is, please contact the Science team at or telephone 01483 477756.

If you have a query related to the administration of the assessments, please contact the Coursework Administration team at

Teacher Online Support

Our latest videos offer guidance and support on key aspects of the new GCSE Science courses, specifically the Controlled Assessment. Hear our senior examiners discuss the new specifications and watch students and teachers conduct a Controlled Assessment. It's a great way to get up to speed.

Teacher Online Standardisation

Teachers are able to mark our exemplar Controlled Assessments online and see how they compare with the marks awarded by our Principal Moderator. Teacher Online Standardisation can be accessed through e-AQA and will provide you with detailed feedback to support your team. You need to ensure that you and your department are able to mark the new Controlled Assessments to the required standards.

Find out more about Teacher Online Standardisation, or view our step-by-step guide to learn more.